If you’re looking to print your own t-shirts using heat transfers, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is selecting the best heat press. After you decide on that, the next thing you need to know is how to print on different types of products. So in this video we bring two print shops head to head as they use different heat presses to print on a variety of clothing using heat transfers. Throughout this video they share best practices, tips and advice on selecting cheap vs expensive equipment.

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Huge shoutout to Claudio and Jeff for joining us in this video. Check them out for your apparel printing needs:

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0:00 Cheap Vs Expensive Heat Press Challenge!
1:01 Rules of The Challenge
1:39 The Heat Press Challenge Begins!
4:30 Best Way To Peel Heat Transfers
6:30 Time Temperature and Pressure For Heat Press
9:58 Review of Cheap Heat Press
11:27 Now For The Hat Press!
12:30 Tip For The Perfect Heat Transfer Peel
15:30 Supacolor Hat Transfers
18:00 Tips On Heat Press Clothing
18:40 Cheap VS Expensive Equipment Review
20:15 Final Showcase
24:47 And The Winner is…

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