WordPress started in 2003 with little code to publish the text
on the web easier, the first users were to count on one hand.
Since then, many bloggers make the switch to use WordPress and
WordPress has become one of the largest open source projects on
the web.

Everything you see here, from documentation to the code, is
made by and for WordPress users. WordPress is an Open Source
project, which means that there are hundreds of people around
the world are engaged in its development. This also means that
everyone is free to use, so it does not matter whether you have
a personal site or a site for commercial purposes, WordPress is
and will remain free.
about WordPress.org

In this site and on wordpress.org you can download a software
script titled WordPress. You will need to meet the minimum
requirements to run. WordPress a web host WordPress is fully
editable and can be used for almost everything in the field of
publishing on the web (blog, CMS etc.). WordPress also offers
the service at WordPress.com, you can start in a few clicks
fully based on WordPress weblog here, but it is less flexible
than that you download and install WordPress itself.

A little bit of history ..

WordPress was born out of a desire to create streamlined and
uses PHP and MySQL and is under the GPL license. A publishing
system The first versions were released under the name
b2/cafelog, then it was decided to continue under the name
WordPress. Today WordPress is a mature and stable product. We
hope that our software different from others and together with
the users to work on the development of WordPress.

The Dutch translation team provides the translation of
WordPress to Dutch. These are the administrator (/ wp-admin /)
and the default theme.