I have a Blogger account created last month to see how Blogger
compares himself with Tumblr and WordPress.

With Tumblr I now have a little experience and few months of
WordPress do I use with pleasure for many years.

Below are my experiences with three different services:


basically looks very impressive!

Especially with the extensive analytics statistics and Adsense
integration, which are accessible from the Dashboard.

The extensive options opposite example Tumblr is very

Google Analytics Integration excellent statistics from
Google Adsense
Integration excellent.
Integration Services: Analytics, Adsense, Google+, Youtube,
Integration first two
especially beautiful.
A lot of options
for a hosted service.
not as slick as on Tumblr, no options to posts of other content
types such as photos, does not handy with photos, bad car


Tumblr is the
major competitor.

I have a Tumblr created dennisarslan.nl, since I still little
used that domain.

Tumblr is very simple, but lacks few important features.

Especially Analytics / Adsense is very cool in Blogger, but
that are also Googls Services.

Tumblr is way stronger in social features, which is very hard
being a consideration.

You can liken posts, follow blogs and so you really get a group
of regular readers.

Social very
Ideal if you
have lots of photos and videos post.
Disqus integration.
Very slick all.

In my view, Tumblr actually the best option in 2013 if you have
little technical knowledge and just pieces of text, videos,
want to share images.

WordPress is the most successful blogging platform and also
most successful CMS.

WordPress.com is the hosted solution of WordPress, I have
little experience.

Your own WordPress site to a web host has a lot more options,
but Blogger and Tumblr are definitely nice solutions!

You can always still decide to export your blog posts and
import on your website.

Most used
Most popular
CMS also Top 1000 websites.
Very large
adaptability with plug-ins, and similar


With the freedom of Blogger and Tumblr you can just change the
HTML and set all pages must be new to your own self-hosted
blog. Redirected

So do not be afraid if you start with a Blogger / Tumblr blog,
that you can not change later.

Tumblr vs. Blogger
vs. WordPress

I would prefer Tumblr over Blogger because you can upload
specific photo / video posts Disqus integration, social
integration with Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest is

The best solution for a blog if you have big ambitions just
keeps WordPress.

A successful website you’ll simply need flexibility. Their own